Studious Beauty–

Always learning and growing.

What is Studious Beauty?

A skincare studio, a place for continuing education for estheticians, PMU artists, spa business consulting, and in house spa education.

Who am I?

Tracy Shaaban, founder of Studious Beauty. My journey began as a Cosmetologist who worked for a skincare company on the side. Quickly realizing skincare and relaxation was a passion of mine i put hair on the sideline while i pursued education in the esthetics world.

Currently, I have a studio in North Canton while doing advanced education for estheticians. I am also very passionate about the beauty industry and developing a healthy culture that provides an environment skin, hair and nail artists want to be planted, bloom and continue to grow. My specialty is “In House” spa and culture consulting.

What I really do…

Really, all things beauty. I am a managing cosmetologist in Ohio, Permanent Makeup Artist. I specialize in Microblading, Powder Brows, Scar and Burn Camouflage, Dry Needling, Anti Aging treatments, Acne treatments, AromaTouch Infusion and so much more!

find me on instagram @studiousbeauty


booking site: TracyShaaban.GlossGenius.com